Who is Candy Canary?

I am 33 years old.  I have been lifting weights for over 17 years.  I am a veteran.  I retired out of the Air Force in 1994.

I am a type A personality.  A major perfectionist.  I like things to be neat and organized and if they are not, I will work non-stop until they are. 

I enjoy spending time alone. 

I train hard in the gym, just for me.  I don’t try and be anyone I am not.  I am happy with the way the Lord has made me. 

What you see is what you get.  I am overly opinionated and will tell anyone how I feel, if asked. 

I hardly ever get angry or upset. I handle stress very well.

I love being home and just being. 

I am not an affectionate person.  I mean I love deeply but not a huggie kissie type person.  I like my personal space.

I am passionate about everything, just ask me and you will see. 

I have many people I call friends but only a few are close enough to me to know my private thoughts, joys or concerns.

I want to be someone people look up to…a positive role model. 

I want to one day meet Jesus and hear Him tell me I did a good job for Him while I served Him on this earth.

I want to KNOW I made a difference in others lives! 


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