Candy’s Mass building workout program

Day One /Biceps 

Incline bench dumbbell curls.

Single arm concentration curls.

Seated Incline Preacher single arm bicep curls.

Hammer Strength bicep machine.

Life Fitness bicep machine.


Incline reserve grip bicep curls. 

Day Two/Hamstrings 

Hammer Strength standing hamstring curls.

Dumbbell straight legged dead lifts.

Smith Machine straight legged dead lifts.  

Life Fitness seated hamstring curl machine.

Hammer Strength bent over hamstring curls.



Day Three/Triceps  Skull Crushers.

Triceps pull-ups on flat bench.


Hammer Strength Triceps machine.

Rope pull downs.

Rope over the head pulls.

V-bar triceps pull downs.

Dumb bell kick backs. 

Day Four/Back

 Hammer Strength seated row.

Hammer Strength wide grip pull downs.

Life Fitness seated close grip rows.

Life Fitness Pull downs.

Life Fitness standing straight armed pull downs.

Wide grip pull ups.

Close grip pull-ups.  

Lower Back 

Bent over rows.

One armed dumb bell rows.

Hyper extensions while holding free weight plate.

Day Five/Quads  Smith machine single leg lunges.

Smith machine squats.

Free frontal squats.

Walking dumb bell lunges.

Hammer Strength leg presses.

Life Fitness leg extinctions.



Day Six/Chest Upper Chest 

Incline bench dumb bell press. Incline bench press.

Hammer Strength incline bench machine.

Incline bench dumb bell fly’s.


Lower Chest 

Flat bench dumb bell press.

Flat bench press.

Hammer Strength flat bench machine.

Flat bench dumb bell fly’s.


Day Seven/Shoulders  

Standing dumb bell fly’s. Standing dumb bell frontals.

Seated dumb bell presses.

Smith Machine upright rows.

Hammer Strength close grip presses.

Rear Delts  

Life Fitness rear delt machine.

Bent over dumb bell fly’s.   

*I rest some where in the mix…for one day…depending on life’s circumstances….every week the day varies. I also rotate abs and traps every other work out, and 1 hour of slow cardio after weight training. 

Happy Lifting! pc


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