Officially 39 days away from my due date.

Well, my time has almost arrived.  I am 39 days away from my man-given due date.  And while I am doing well, I am tired a lot these last few weeks and find it very hard to beathe and move around.  Although, some days are better than others.


To date I have gained 3 pounds…all in the last 3 weeks.

I am finding it difficult to get into a good sleeping position…I am not allowed to sleep on my back due to the pressure it places on my baby.  I found out it actually decreases the bloodflow to the baby…so, since on my back is my favorite sleeping position, I find it hard to get comfortable at night time.

As for other things, I am doing good.  The boys both are doing well and enjoying their summer.  My oldest, Street is about to leave on a mission trip to Ecuador.  This will be his first mission trip, without me.  He is going with his school, Victory Christian School.  They will be gone for 2 weeks.  He does not appear to be nervous at all and is ready to get a change of scenery.  I am excited for him, although, I must say if I was able I would be in Burma myself.  I have gotten many emails and updates concering Burma and my heart despertely desires to help…but my pregnancy has me grounded. Ughhh.

My youngest, Warrior, is such a God loving little man at the age of four.  He prays at night for God to allow him to go back to the mission field with his mom.  You know, it makes my heart happy knowing that when he prays he prays for Heavenly things and not earthly minded things.  I must be doing something right! 🙂 


I know soon I will be back doing what it is that I love and called to do…mission work.  God knows my heart and my willingness to be obediant to His calling that He has placed in me. 

So in 39 days, I will get to see my miracle I helped God in creating and I also will be one step closer to being able to get back to work!

All for His GLory!


P Candy



June 5, 2008 at 2:01 pm

Eight weeks out!

Well, I am offically 8 weeks out from having a baby!  I am so super excited..not only to see this wonderful creation God has blessed me with but more importantly to look at its little face.  This child has had more prayer than any of my kiddos yet! I cannot wait to pray over her while holding her.


I have to admit I am also ready to get my body back to myself. (ha)  I am sooo ready to get back in the gym.  I have not had any time to trian since I got home from Thialand in March.  Yet, to date, I have not gained any weight.  However, I had muslce loss, as expected.  But I know my body…and after I take time off,  I always  come back stronger and bigger.  My body always enjoys the break…even if my mind doesn’t 🙂

Well, thats about it with me.  Oh, as asked by many of you, I tried to post new pictures in the free gallery…but forgot how.  Duh…I will have to get my web guy to explain it to me again.  I guess that is a sign its been too long for updates, huh?

Be blessed and I will write more soon.  Thank you for all your emails!



May 17, 2008 at 11:48 pm

My Mother’s Day…means so much this year.

Today, I feel very special…I have two wonderful boys and the joy of being pregnant too on this holiday is absolutely amazing. 

I am so blessed.  God has enabled be to be a new mom and I am so very thankful for that.  This little life inside my belly reminds me everyday how much I am loved. 

This year, is probably the best Mother’s Day I have ever had…spending the day with my kids, my mom, and my spiritual mom has been wonderful.  I am surrounded by so much love and support. 

You know, it is days like this that remind me exactly how much I am respected and cared for by so many.  Thank you so much for thoughtful emails! 

Just the other day I heard Pastor Arian Rodgers say, if you have anyone who prays for you or prays for you regularly…you are blessed.  And I totally agree.  I know so many of you are faithfully praying for my family and me.  Thank you.  I want you to know, I really am blessed by each one of you and your thoughtfulness and obediance.  It has made a difference in me and in my boys…and it speaks volumes of you and your commitment to lift up those in need. 

We, as Christians, are called to share in one anothers joys and sorrows…thank you for doing both in my life.

God bless you all, as you celebrate your day with your wives, mothers and friends. 

Pastor Candy

May 11, 2008 at 3:13 pm

Looking beyond ourselves…

A few days ago I was contact by Ron Mosby.  He is a professional in radio community.  He owes and operates his own radio show.  In the past I have been his guest and have spoken to his listening audience.  He is a God-fearing man and works to educate the population on important topics that directly effect the Christian community.

 He sent me this link.

 It refers to the large number of abortions that Planned Parenthood completes each and every year.  It also shows that this organization plays a huge role in continuing racism toward the American American community! 

 As I watched this clip, my spirit was deeply saddened and grieved.  I cried as these mutliple Planned Parenthood spoke women spoke about black abortion.  While I am against abortion as a whole, I am exceptionally against any form of racism. 


I know I am just one woman with one opinion, however, my voice represents many.  We must take a stand against these satanic attacks against our families.  God’s children are at stake and are being murdered for the sins of one or both of the parents. 

Pray that the Lord changes the way these moms and businesses think and conduct thier personal business (for lack of a better word). 

 Afterall, everything is the Lord’s business and who are we to alter life?  When Cain killed Abel, in the Old Testesmant, he not only  killed Abel but every child Abel was susposed to father.  Murder affects not only that one immediate life but those thosands of lives that were to come from that one soul.  It is ALWAYS bigger than us and our curent situation.

 If you are a mother or know of a mother who is considering abortion, please have contact me.  I desperately desire to help. 

God bless our efforts, pc



May 5, 2008 at 10:37 pm

God works in mysterious ways…even through someone as insigificant as me.

Here is a copy of a very special email I received today.  We all can be encouraged and be blessed through the  testimonies of others.  This is another one of those wonderful stories of how Good our Lord is!  

Praise be to Him…in ALL His Glory!



“Hello Candy, it has been a while since I have sent an email in correspondence; I feel I should update you on where… through your strength the Lord has taken me.
I first saw you compete in 2004, and being from Oklahoma I was an instant fan and cheered for you at the Lone Star. That weekend you gave me a role model to to follow as I was low on my own self esteem and felt following in your foot steps and building a physique like your own would help me.
I followed you in the sport and through your website, and became more involved not only in Christ, but in giving to children in need as well. In the past four years I have traveled often to the Philippines, and through the strength you gave me I have become involved in the sponsorship of four young girls from broken homes. I fully sponsor their schooling, medical and nutritional needs. I soon felt that I could do even more, and I began to work to help the children of the Marshall Islands where I currently live. To this date the children on a remote island had no school, or educational resources. This has led to an evil cycle of poverty and illiteracy here in the islands. Thanks again to you, I have raised $25,000 with additional funding given by the Japanese government. Next year the children for the first time will not only have a school house, but a library and learning center as well.
All of these children, numbering as many as 500, have one person to thank and that is you. Could you have ever thought that training and stepping on to the bodybuilding stage would have that much of an affect on the world? One weekend, changed so many children’s lives. I know you are now retired from bodybuilding, but it certainly was effective in passing your message along. With your permission I would like to name the learning center after you. I hope that is appropriate, and not too forward.
I have yet to build a physique like your’s, but I am moving in that direction. Yet the strength you gave me has more than made up for the short fall in the gym. You are a role model and hero, thank you.
God Bless You..


WOW!  What a wonderful story.  I am blessed just by what you are doing for the Kingdom.  Although, I am shocked to be a part of it…nevertheless, it is all God. 

Thank you Tim, for updating me and encouraging me with your personal testimony.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ NEVER fails to use the meek and meger…obediance is what He looks for and my friend you obviously are walking in His light b/c you are accomplishing many great things…Keep up the blessed work!



May 4, 2008 at 11:47 pm

Time to be with the Lord?

The Lord is good all the time.  Amen. 

This past Monday my oldest son was seriously injured in a bike accident.  He was going over his skate ramp when he lost control and flipped off his bike.  He landed face first and skidded across the concrete.  He was bleeding from his mouth and was unable to correctly answer basic questions. 

His brother Warrior and myself were outside when this happened.  I immediately ran over to Street and took him inside to clean off his face to see what damage was actually done.  He looked so bad and blood was all over his face.  I knew right away he needed to go to the ER.

 Once we arrived at the hospital they took him for a CT scan and  X-rays of his face.  They thought maybe he had broken some facial bones.  His little face was so swollen…and he had lost all his color.  He kept asking me over and over again what happened and if he was going to die. 

It was later determined that he had no broken facial bones but had a closed head trauma with a concussion. He was transferred to the main trauma hospital and admitted to the pediatric floor for over night observation.  They were concerned he might have a brain bleed.

Through this entire time Street was unable to answer basic questions like where he went to school, what year it was, when his birthday was, etc.  He was extremely dizzy and had a bad headache (migrane).

The amazing thing was…he kept saying, “I am ready to go to be with Jesus!”  He must have said this 200 times. 

Now, I share this b/c the faith of his 11 year old is astonshing.  He KNOWS who his Lord is and that he is saved by the blood of Christ.  This knowledge, for me as a parent, is reassuring but more importantly it brings me great joy!

We (I include myself) should all examine ourselves, repent and be grateful b/c we KNOW who our Lord is.  In times of joy and in times of distress, He remains faithful and true to cleanse us of our sins and carry us through our hardships.

Our God is an Awesome God,



May 1, 2008 at 3:54 pm

A pregnancy craving, finally.

Funny.  Just this weekend I finally craved my first thing.  I was desperately desired Milk Duds candy! 🙂 

I called a friend of mine and I asked them to bring me some and they did. And guess what? I actually ate the entire box! 

And just yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and bought another box…which I am working on now.  ha

Its funny, with Warrior (my four-year old) I craved Shredded Wheat cereal and this time, candy.  It is odd how the body desires different things when a woman is pregnant. 

 I am very blessed and excited for this new life growing inside me.  The baby is moving all the time…some times (well a lot more than not) I just smile and rub my belly.  I am almost 7 months!  It is almost time to see this beautiful creation the Lord has been growing inside me…creation is a wonderful thing a woman can partcipate and share with the Lord!  Sorry guys!  ha


April 17, 2008 at 1:03 pm

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